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The eFISH Logger is a combination of two experiments involving "electric" fish. If you have not viewed my PowerPoint presentation, doing so will give you some insight as to what these experiments are doing. This software was developed over the course of 9 years as part of my time as a research assistant for the University of Central Florida Fish Lab.

We started our development early on with the Pulse Rate Logger portion of the eFISH Logger. The experiment uses custom software and hardware and interfaces to National Instruments LabVIEW software with DAQmx instruments via USB. The idea is that an electric fish is allowed to swim freely in a tank in an undisturbed environment for a 24 hour or longer period so that its activity rhythm (change in pulse rate) may be monitored.

The second experiment we call the EOD Machine. The EOD Machine is designed to capture the waveform of a fish swimming in a tank, but is designed to do so under controlled conditions similar to those of a calibrated recording while allowing the fish to swim freely in the tank. Custom hardware is used to detect when the fish swims through the center of the tank and signals to a DAQmx device to record a set of waveforms.

Both the Pulse Rate Logger and EOD Machine (also called the Waveform Logger) have tools for filtering and compensation of the data. In the screenshot below you can see the main menu of the eFISH Logger program. The arrows on the menu indicate the order of operations of the data as it progresses through the eFISH Logger. The two experiments are run separately and then meet together at the end where the data is fused together.


Waveform Logger

Waveform Analysis

This is the most important component of the waveform logger. In this part of the waveform logger, we dissect the waveform into its individual phases and measure critical components of the electric organ discharge (EOD). The output of this module is a statistics matrix which contains the statistics for each and every waveform selected previously in the waveform logger analysis process. This matrix is in CSV format so it can be viewed in a standard spreadsheet program such as Excel.


Pulse Rate Logger