My blog is broken.  WordPress updated and now my theme won’t load images properly.

Somehow it seems my previous post has some 500+ views…  Not sure why or how, but ok.

Now I forgot what I was going to write about…

Anyway, I added some new pictures to my Flickr account.  I built a “Windows Storage Space” with 3 8TB drives and 2 240GB SSDs.  I bought the SSDs on Amazon for $27 each, and not only that, but they were in my hands about 4 hours later.  In ReFS, SSDs are used as cache drives.  The 3 hard disks are setup in a parity array (a fancy name for RAID 5).  Now I have a safe space to pull all of this extra data out of DropBox.  There’s 550GB of photos there, which was a tremendous find.

Classes start one week from tomorrow.  I’ve decided to take 1 class and research again.  This time I’ll be repeating BIO1, which will be online, but this time it will have proctored exams using a webcam, and using a lockdown browser to prevent cheating.  Class will be live streamed, unlike last semester in which the content was pre-recorded.  My goal hasn’t changed, I will just go slower until I find a way to handle things better.

Oh, I remembered one post I have been meaning to put here.  I wonder if I can sticky posts, because this one needs to go at the top.

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