x versus y

I took my meds, thankuverymuch, I’m fine. If you suspect I haven’t then Baker Act me, that’s what it’s for. Now is cutting it close to your last window of opportunity because if you don’t do it now, you’ll fuck up my schedule, I have a bunch of homework due on Wednesday and a test on Friday. <insert comment about rude here>

Where was I going with this?

Mr. Clean versus Mr. Pibb showdown, followed by:
Mr. Clean versus Arm & Hammer.

Predictions on who would win? Forecasts?

What about…

Mr. Clean versus Mentos? Would that work?

Mr. Pibb versus Mentos is just cliche, and it doesn’t really fit here, but, if making bottle rockets out of Mr. Pibb/Mentos mints is your thing then fire away.

I’m really tired and it’s now 5am, so hmm. Better to fall asleep in bed than my computer chair. L8r.

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