Things getting a bit out of hand lately.

I’ve done a fairly good job of relaying my experiences lately, even if I’ve left out context and other things. Better to avoid that lest anyone gets into trouble.

Today though started as a normal day. I woke up at 5am. Sat in front of the computer messing around with cpu related overclocking stuff. Then I reviewed some chemistry stuff and added to notes. Later, I went to breakfast/lunch at Townhouse.

It was a normal lunch for the most part, until around the end. Then I started hearing what sounded like a young girl saying “Your hurting me! Stop!” over and over again. Then I heard “Either stop or get kicked out” from a manager or a waitress or someone.

I’ve been called “brave” more than once by therapists and just in general. Perhaps naively so. I remember a bar fight in Auburn, NY. One guy tried to body slam another dude through a window. They had already been kicked out, but that doesn’t mean the fight stopped. It was later on that I was told these dudes were MMA fighters or something. lol

Seriously though, my hallucinations are getting exponentially worse.

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