Well, I broke my blog again. No big deal to fix, but not right now. I accidentally deleted the backup I made, but the backup I made was not of the wordpress folder but rather mediawiki, so I’m rather retarded. Also, there’s no daily (or even weekly) backup of the HTML folder, so that should get fixed. Also, yes, I paid for the “Pro” version of the theme, well, it seems the developer has gone for a very long hike and fallen off the edge of planet Earth, so…

But anyway… I’ve become addicted to Alexa. I bought an Echo dot, an Echo Show (which I gave to Mike), and an Echo Studio. The Echo Studio actually has a mini TOSLINK in, so I can get a coaxial to optical converter and plug it into my TV. Get this: Amazon even makes an Echo Sub, haha. What would be great, is a surround sound version of this. Mount two echo dots on the wall behind me, two echo studios in front, and an echo plus for the center speaker. The surround processor would be either of the echo studios. Nifty.

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