Song review: Peace Division/Radio Slave – Blacklight Sleaze feat Pleasant Gehman (Radio Slave Vocal Remix)

First music review up for the new blog.  Find this song on Spotify and potentially YouTube (I know it’s there, just not sure this particular remix).


Sometimes, I wonder what I’m doing here
In the middle of this tiny square room
Filled with smoke and damp carpet
Soggy with spilled cheap champagne
With the mirrors and flashing lights
And plastic bowls half of salted peanuts
In their discarded shells.
And this room with tired waitresses
Lousy, overpriced drinks

Into the black…

I feel sorry for the men sometimes
Mostly I just feel contempt
The men with their furtive movements
And blank faces

I feel sorry for Stacey
Her face looks as though it’s been stepped on
Though her body is like angel food
Almost too beautiful to look at
Her boyfriend probably doesn’t when he hits her

I feel sorry for Lynne
With her expensive lingerie
Cheap dime store wigs
Trying to hide her identity
She’s a Yale graduate with a huge loan debt
She hooks a little on the side

I feel sorry for Babette
With her henna’d Cleopatra hair
And large lumnious eyes
Her adorable accent of broken english
Can’t hide her drug habit and predatory nature

Into the black…

Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing here
Dancing naked except for a few sequins
Lying to men for drink commissions
I take their room keys and make promises I know I won’t fulfill
We’re all victims in one way or another
We’re all here for different reasons

Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing here
I like to sleep all day and stay out all night
The idea of a straight job is like the idea of a straightjacket
I like buying clothes
I like taking taxis
I’m pretty and intelligent
Sarcastic and selfish
I’m not going to be doing this forever

Into the black…

And I’m not going to be doing this forever
I’m only 18.

Source for lyrics:  Google – Source: Musixmatch

I ran into this song by accident after searching another artist who appeared on an M-Audio demo CD from several years ago.  I like the Radio Slave Vocal Remix of this song because it starts out with the dirty bass right from the beginning, and the beat just keeps building from there.  I tend to be a fan of chopped up samples, and not only does this album have this right from the beginning but it adds modified layers with what seems to be voice changed samples over-layed with the chorus.

The song itself has quite the lyrics, many reviews calling it dark.  The lyrics paint quite a vivid reality, which captures your attention for the duration of the song.  This is most definitely a song that makes you pay attention.  I don’t find anything explicit here, at least not in a literal sense.  It would make an excellent addition to my record collection.

As a classic song, this is a good stronghold.  A good standpoint for starting a progressive house/trance playlist.  Songs like this are hard to come by, which makes this quite special and a rare treat indeed.  Sounds perfect on my Accoustic Research AR-H1s too.  Good solid bass and vocals that are a bit subdued a bit to emphasize that dirty bass rather than the use of compression.  High quality mastering here, you won’t be disappointed with this track.

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