Doctor said to take no more than 3 tablets of klonopin a day which amounts to 1.5mg total. Klonopin is dangerously addictive in that if you are addicted, you don’t know it. Thing is, I think its action works quite well on my seizures so I’m hesitant to stop, although I don’t get the impression he’s trying to ween me off of it, or at least if he is, he’s going very slow. As far as my Artane goes, that one I know he’s trying to ween me off of. Between both, I’ve basically just stopped taking them completely but now I’m paying the price.

My mood is fluctuating oddly today. Earlier I felt bored after my test. The SI leader (tutor) said “work towards a positive goal” but my goal is to work towards more work. I had this same problem after I graduated with my Master’s degree and moved on from academia. It’s like…now what? I had a 9 to 5 job, I paid off my student loans in 6 months, and I bought a BMW. Buying a house would’ve come next, but then I got sick instead. Somehow, money or not, life keeps going.

Let’s write a second, more productive post about something that is a misconception that seems to still be a misconception even 10-12 years later.

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