Black out!

In my life so far, other than anesthetic caused loss of consciousness, I’ve blacked out from alcohol once or twice, and from seizures. That’s pretty much normal. There is one exception to this: this happened a long time ago, a few years after I was confirmed. I was a volunteer for the confirmation retreat team as a team leader. Of course, I’m pretty introverted, so I’m not sure how good my presence is, but I enjoyed being there and it gave me a perspective that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.

One thing the confirmation retreat does is improv comedy, take for example, “Whose line is it anyway?” style humor. I honestly didn’t have a huge role in the skit we did, but I blacked out. It could’ve been the epilepsy, it could’ve been just being nervous, but I did. Regardless, it was never my intention to be offensive, and people just don’t seem to realize that. Couple that with a variety of circumstances and confusion, and the fact that I look 10 years younger than I actually am, and you get a real mess in church.

My intent was never to appear to be doing anything to another persons genitals (even if I had long hair).

Let’s set the record straight on this. It happened. Why? I don’t know. Stranger things have happened. I’m still alive for stranger things to happen yet.

You may say that “this won’t happen in my house”, but isn’t that passing judgement on the actions of another? If you want to play that game, don’t have a conversation about it in church, or I’ll mute you and/or turn off your monitor. After all, the sound man giveth and can taketh away. Who is really in control of the choir?

Interesting twists and turns in the logic here, but these aren’t new ideas in my head, nor are they necessarily my ideas. So remember that, because unless you’re paying a recording engineer in a studio, the volunteer at the soundboard does not have to turn on your mic and/or monitor 🙂 Remember that. There are 3 people that must remain miced at all times: Father J, Father G, and Deacon J. Everything else is a luxury. I realize this is hypocritical, but it’s an eye for an eye these days.

Don’t piss off the soundman.

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