Pseudodementia. Word of the day.

I don’t really have any topic or plan to write anything here. I’d like to start doing music reviews regularly. Other than that, one of my hallucinations is very simple: my name. My name, in some random voice coming from some random place. My hallucinations don’t usually come from objects like radios or tvs. Lately however, I’m ready to just fill in my window with bricks.

Sometimes though, it’s just totally obvious your hallucinating. Earlier today I heard a voice call my name out about a dozen times really fast and then just stop. The hallucinations are almost always about me. That’s a dead giveaway most of the time. Putting on headphones can sometimes drown out hallucinations, but some of the loudest and most rude hallucinations I’ve ever had were with headphones on rather than off. I’ve also never had problems waking up because of hallucinations yelling or talking or whatever (yes, this is a thing).

So, anyway. Next music review will be a good one: Pachanga Boys – Time. Trance, trance, trance.

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