This blog, like my drugs lately, are a source of experimentation. Obviously with respect to the blog, I’ve stuck to more personal topics. I enjoy writing this stuff. I’d write a lot more in my blog if it were more convenient to do so, but then again it would probably just come off as a lot of rambling. I can honestly say I have not gone back and read anything I’ve posted here. I just have no real desire to.

I do know, within a certain degree of measure, that people do read this blog. If I cared, I could play around and parse logs or mess around with Google Analytics, but I don’t want to.

I think I need to re-write the sticky post about words, although I haven’t read it to be sure of what it says. However, to summarize what I might say in a new post, this blog has had real effects on people in both positive and negative ways. Here’s an argument for myself: If you don’t care for yourself, how are you supposed to care for anyone else? That, though, is a huge can of worms.

It comes down to accountability; that’s what I see. My parents weren’t very good at that, especially as I got older, and when they did try to hold me accountable for things, at least in my opinion, they did it in the wrong way.

You have to be willing to grow, regardless of where you are in life or you will never.get.anywhere. It’s amazing to me that while there are a few new faces around, there are also a lot of familiar ones, and some of these people have maintained the same disposition for so long it makes you wonder if they have ever really listened to a homily. You can go to church, but if you don’t understand what and why, you may as well not go. Tattoos are great, doesn’t mean anything. Necklaces, suits and ties, smiles, superficial. Faith is within and it has nothing to do with what religion you choose.

So let’s see, honesty, accountability, and I am a confirmed catholic. We’re going somewhere with this. I like it.

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