I just ate a slice of pumpkin pie and it was delish.

I decided to write about a comment I made earlier about the neighbor. I had just arrived at mom’s house and of course the neighbor has a new car to play with. Not sure what he was doing, but that’s not the point. He previously had a Mercedes and souped it up. He must be doing some sort of chip tuning on these cars to mess with the timing and air/fuel mixtures, etc.

Anyway, I just couldn’t hold back. We were nearly inside and I couldn’t help but call the guy an idiot. Twice. I mean honestly. He responded “Thank you!” so I know he heard. If you think putting straight pipes and muffler/catalytic converter deletes on your car is cool, then I just don’t get it. I’m sure that any mechanical engineer would tell you that when you when push the engine beyond factory specs, you start to put extra stress on the drive train, the engine itself, the chassis of the car, not to mention you draw the attention of cops who are more than happy to take all that extra cash you have lying around to buy these cars and flip them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, when I had a BMW, I drove it like it was stolen. However, the N54 engine in the 2008 135i was severely detuned. You could get 100 more HP out of it with nothing more than a chip tune. What did I just say about the stress on the engine and drive train?

One point worth mentioning is that a catalytic converter is extremely important in maintaining low emissions, so a car with no cat can really only be driven in a state that doesn’t do emissions testing (such as Florida), so that limits your market when you flip the car. Even WITH the cat, if you’re messing with timing and fuel ratios, you’re going to screw up emissions anyway. Let’s not forget that a car without a cat is pushing the edge of street legal.

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