Before you read anything else in this blog, start here. This blog is really nothing more than a jumble of words somehow associated with each other into long strings called sentences, organized into larger groups called paragraphs, and each set of paragraphs makes up a post which usually has one or a few (likely related) topics.

A lot of what I have written here is simply my own experience from living with a mental illness. There’s other random stuff too like random comments aimed at people (although I will never reveal anyone’s identity without permission).

Words are a very powerful thing when used appropriately. They are as sharp as knives. In the United States, we have the right to freedom of speech, but that does not mean anyone will listen, and in some cases, we can find ourselves in a box where nobody can hear our screams except ourselves.

I enjoy writing in this blog, that’s probably why I’ve continued to do it for so long. I’ve been told, however, certain things shouldn’t be shared. I disagree. If you’ve seen the photography section of my website, and you have a flickr account, you will see what I mean. Sure, I post my resume here, and I quite seriously link this website to job applications. As I’ve stated elsewhere, it’s the “honesty factor”. They say not to discriminate, but it happens all the time. So, let’s just get it over with before we’re in over our heads. Besides, I took some damn good pictures in Austin anyway.

The goal here is not to offend anyone, just an outlet for me to express my ideas and opinions. This is not a political blog, nor does it identify with any particular groups or cultures. That said, I’m catholic and I have no interest in being anything other than becoming a better catholic.

One last comment: Yes, I’m a millennial, but if I were born one year earlier, I would not be (at least by the definition I read on wikipedia a while back). So please, I am not 26.

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  1. Hi Jeff. I still think of you and check your blog from time to time. I regret how things went down this summer and still feel at least partially responsible. I admire your strength in everything you deal with and hope you don’t ever lose that. Would love to hear from you.


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