Server’s up again.

My plan was to dissociate the new IRC server from my web server/”everything else” server, and move my main datacenter to New York, but I changed my mind last minute and ordered a bigger server. My Windows server in New York will be upgraded. I may try and combine it with the IRC daemon which I believe I will run UnrealIRCd for lack of anything better. It runs through Cygwin. I’d rather run a VM inside the VM, but last time I tried that, it didn’t work (even though it should). Then, there’s just the other server in Europe. Bigger server slices = more RAM and more bandwidth, and 2 dedicated 3900x cores. I’ve been hosting with this guy for 8 years and never really had a bad experience. Major problem is DDoS attacks but that usually brings the data center down when it happens and I have CloudFlare IPs anyway. There is always someone monitoring the network for this stuff and they handle DDoSes on specific servers accordingly if it becomes an issue. You would think CloudFlare should handle it, but nope. There are some serious people in this world who have access to a lot of resources and know how to get more.

I have no specific goal date to get the SpeakEasy hub online by. It just kind of is what it is.

Lastly, stuff. Words, phrases and things.

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