The complaints department

Generally speaking, I don’t take complaints. It’s not my job. Regarding this blog, as is evidenced, if you see something you don’t like (which is probably meant to be the case), you’re going to need a lot more than a complaint to my server host to get my blog taken down.

BuyVM is based out of Canada, with 2 US data centers and 1 in central Europe. Not only has BuyVM been a great host, but the owner takes free speech rights seriously. Not everything in this world is meant to come with frilly pink furls. Take off your rose colored glasses for a moment. The only way to get Francisco to take a server offline on his services are a court order, and even that isn’t guaranteed to work. You’d be suing a Canadian company. 🙂

You could try doing something more simple and perhaps ask me to take a post down (in the comments?). Comments are moderated, so I see them before everyone does. I don’t remember if anonymous comments are allowed, but even if they aren’t that shouldn’t deter you. I have your IP anyway. If you don’t ask politely, even if you ask anonymously, I can report your abuse right back where it came from. It’s a 2 way street. Unless you use one of those VPNs or Tor or something. But then, if you used a tool like that to hide your IP, I won’t respond to your QUESTION (read: not complaint), because while tools like Tor can get you an anonymous tunnel to the internet, it’s usually pretty obvious you’d be using something like that. For example, …, most people in Australia probably don’t read my blog.

The world is full of lessons we have to learn, and apparently some of us still haven’t learned them.

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