Album review: Moses Sumney – Aromanticism

I first heard about this album through Vinyl Me Please, and yes, I have it on vinyl.  This is a particularly different album from the norm where love songs abide the mainstream.  The instrumentals alone in this album set it apart.  Moderate dynamic range.  In general this album is pretty tame, but that’s what you should expect from an aromantic.  I’m not sure if Moses Sumney really IS aromantic, or if he just wrote an album about it, but it seems convincing.  The album is very short, only 34 minutes… almost as if it were made for vinyl and it just happened to be ported to Spotify afterwards.

Am I vital
If my heart is idle?
Am I doomed?

Probably the strongest lyric elements in the entire album, aside from the lyrics to stoicism.  The quintessential question for any aromantic: If I don’t love someone, what will happen to me?  This is the fundamental question, not a question many people will ever ask themselves.  I am not a philosopher, but this seems like a good point to let you ponder for a while on how to interpret this.

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