Sample review: The Price is Right Losing Horns

I’m not really sure how to describe this one, other than if you’ve never seen The Price is Right, you should dig up an old VHS with an episode recorded onto it and watch.  I mean the old episodes with Bob Barker.  The stuff I used to watch on TV during the week while mom was in the shower or doing whatever.  Somehow I have quite vivid memories of this.

Anyway, this is a classic sample, and it popped into my head for no particular reason.  It’s perfectly fitting for the state of the world right now.  Lambert and Lambert gives this two middle fingers.  Do not pass go, collect your stimulus check anyway, proceed directly to debtors prison.

Some helpful advice: If you have managed to maintain your job, and you are lucky enough that you will keep it through this pandemic, remember the principle of dollar cost averaging.  Long term benefits of DCA are very real.  Also, sunscreen, but that’s another song, so we’ll leave that for later.

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