Well, …

I got my surprise.  Never saw it coming.  No, it wasn’t that upgrading from Stretch to Buster broke Lighttpd and ate my Let’s encrypt certificates.  Right now it’s just not public information.  We’ll see how far this goes.  I don’t feel very confident about that, but stranger things have happened.  (No, it’s not a new job.)

It’s quiz/exam week in Chemistry, I finished the homework although I have some questions for tutoring sessions later on.  Slept the entire weekend.  Not sure what that means.  This is a new thing for me since the Prozac.  Psychiatrist just kind of shrugged it off.  Missed 1 question out of 25 questions on the practice exam… That’s damn impressive, IMO.  This professor is so much better than the professor I had in Spring.  I wouldn’t say it’s because he’s easier… it’s too early to tell.  I think it’s just that the class is more organized and requires you to be proactive in your learning.  The lecture videos are very short, so you have to read the book and do the problems.  I can definitely tell the other students struggle.

The price I pay for a life in academia, my last bastion of hope until I get SSDI.  Fortunately, in grad school I’ll be eligible for TA-ships and such, so it won’t always be this way.

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