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IRC has played a major role in my life over the past…what…16 years now?  People have come and gone, but at the core of it all, there are a select few who’ve been around since the early days (including myself, relatively speaking).  I was different back then, in a lot of ways.

Here is a photo album put together by one of the network owners: https://www.flickr.com/photos/owlgames/sets/72157635869807546/ Most of the pictures in the album now consist of people who are long gone and probably never to return because they have moved on in life.  I, on the other hand, am going in a giant circle.  Back to square one.  It’s not been a waste, but it’s been a disappointment.  People need to learn compassion.

Anyway, it’s not just that #intp and the ECNet network attracts a wide variety of diverse people, but it has a very distinct culture to it that’s formed over such a long time.  In recent months, it’s gotten even stranger.  I don’t mind; in fact I fit right in, with the exception of one of the IRCops who (now) claims he has schizophrenia.  I thought he was bipolar, but I guess he changed his mind because he’s too much of an idiot to see a real psychiatrist, so he goes to see a quack instead.

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