#Lyrics: Paul Dalio – Starry Nights

There was a time, long ago,
when tides would rise and winds would blow,
when the stars pulse spirals of fire across the sky,
and all the lunatics saw and all the lunatics knew,
that the two eyes of God had aligned in the sky,
to give us a glimpse into the divine,
and though the sane may deny we gaze through God’s eyes,
and claim it was just some misfiring synapses flashing through a crack in our minds,
we all knew it was true,
we all knew we shared a view into something just too beautiful to prove,
and they can’t take away from me and you.

Even when the seasons change,
summer exceeds its stay,
the sun creeps away,
and fall shadows grab hold of your brain,
and you can feel your will within each withering leaf clinging to the trees of the entire forest surrounding you,
slipping as they fall down on you,
and then when winter rolls around,
your soul retreats deep beneath the frozen ground,
and its calling your body down,
and it feels like your ashes are fighting gravity,
even then, spring will come again, and invite you to rise too high,
and it’s up for you to decide if you’ll repeat those seasonal tides that will lay waste to your lives,
but if you choose to live, you may look out at the sky and reminisce about those times, when the sun and the moon would align,
and each would find its other eye so that God could cry about what was lost and why,
but I tell you not to miss those times, for the sun still shines and the moon will still rise,
and with just enough light from the far off shine of the sun across the sky it will keep that divine sight forever alive in your eyes.



From the movie and the original soundtrack to the movie Touched With FireI do not own the copyright to these lyrics, they are copyrighted to their respective owners.

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