Weighted Blanket

When I was in the Oviedo Medical Center Hospital being wheeled to my hospital room the day before my surgery, the nurse was walking me through the hallways and made a comment.  The color temperature of the fluorescent bulbs in their fixtures was sterile.  I looked paper white.  I haven’t been out of the house to get any sun in so long.

I live in a small house, in a room with two concrete block walls, one window with the blinds always closed, dirty laundry on the floor and a closet of the rest of my clothes.  Next to me is a radio and 2 alarm clocks, and at the foot of my bed is my tv stand with all the usual suspects, my air filter, and 5 storage boxes of vinyl.

I have everything I need in here.  A printer/fax/scanner, a computer, wifi access.  For luxury I have a huge 15″ subwoofer and Alexa so I can control my lights and other things automatically.  I can get into bed with the lights on, and I can just speak to Alexa to turn them off without having to move.  The internet of things is not the future, it’s the present.  Semiconductor processes get smaller and electronics become increasingly integrated everyday.

The iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy’s of the world… planned obsolescence or just slow, progress, regardless, technology is a fad that gets taken for granted, but, in the pursuit of the things we want in our lives, it will not go away, unlike Beanie Babies.

Having been put in the position to work on many extraordinary projects, I feel lucky, but underwhelmed.  Change is a constant.  It is time for change.  I look forward to the future.

The corporate world is not for me.  Like the movie “There Will Be Blood”, I will trace my way to success.  I’ve made many missteps, but that doesn’t make me a failure.  Never stop learning.  Always have an open mind.  Be curious, and ask questions no matter how dumb they may seem, because that is how you learn.  Seek information from the people who know better.  You won’t learn everything from one place or one person.  You will spend a lifetime learning, and you will only have more questions as time goes on.

Academia doesn’t stop after you get your degree.  There are people working tirelessly to understand the world and ourselves.

You are the light of the world, and the salt of the Earth.  Never forget that.

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