About me

Who am I?

A question I still wonder sometimes.  One form of an answer would be that I am an INTP (Myers-Briggs).  I am a pretty strong introvert.  Another answer would be that I am an engineer because I hold a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.  I hold an active ham radio license; my grandfather’s license actually: K1VZX, hence the prominence of that combination of letters and numbers all over my website.

I’ve been unemployed for almost a year now after getting fired only 6 weeks after starting a new job in Germantown, Maryland.  Pretty disgusting taste left in my mouth after that.  I moved all the way from Auburn, NY with my cat in tow after arranging a move of all my stuff, adding to a mountain of debt, finding an apartment I’d never even seen in person until I picked up the keys on move in day, and well, yeah.

Let me add to this story…  Typically when you have a seizure, you are not allowed to drive for a certain period of time (how long depends on the state).  I don’t know the rules for New York, but I do know that at one point, I was told here in Florida my license was suspended.  So somewhere along the line, someone reported my license.  It may not necessarily have been from a seizure either, because I’m now stuck in the system in such a way that requires a medical form be submitted once a year from my doctor to the state of Florida to maintain my driving privileges.  So.  I’m just not going to bother.  Who wants to go through all the effort to drive in traffic jams, deal with the road rage of the asshole behind you, and quite frankly I never seem to know where I’m going most of the time anyway, so I have to use my GPS and the GPS has a mind of its own.

The night before my second to last day of working at BCS, I had a seizure in my sleep from having gone out for some drinks.  I’m not sure what exactly was going on…  I still suspect they made me walk off my very own job to terminate my contract.  Unlike now though, the economy was still booming.  So I flew to Orlando to see family and while I was there I did job searching.  I flew back to New York with 4 offers.

Here’s a little tip for you, if you, like me, have a mental illness: don’t work as a contractor.  Of course, many such contracting positions will say “6 months to 1 year leading to full-time”.  Don’t fall for an empty promise, they all say that.

Right now I’m working on a Biology degree, starting with an undergraduate degree, then eventually going into the Master’s program.  After that, I’d like to track into the neurosciences program and do a Ph.D.  The idea is that I’d like to study myself and help others through my own experiences.  As it turns out, however, there is nothing novel about this idea, but, I don’t think that’s a strong enough reason not to pursue my interests.  Engineering and Biology go hand in hand, and from the little that I’ve seen, it’s remarkably primitive.  Think along the line of the Vagus Nerve Stimulator for patients with epilepsy or severe, treatment resistant depression.  Or deep brain stimulation for patients with Parkinson’s disease.  If your idea of science is going around and poking samples of patients brains with electrodes to see how they respond, fine, but this is the 21st century and we have to change the way we think.  We have to change science itself.