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Welcome to PGH, fellow Yinzer!

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Having lived in Orlando, FL almost 20 years, I know the area well, especially the area around the University of Central Florida: I attended university from 2003-2011, worked in research park, and lived in some of the new developments along the Econlockhatchee reservation area. However, I have embarked upon a new journey in the Pittsburgh, PA area to once again expand my horizons and welcome a new opportunity. I will start by saying the bus system here is fantastic compared to Orlando, and that there are many sports teams at a variety of venues right here in the Pittsburgh downtown area. Take a look at the wonderful view of the skyline.

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Pittsburgh offers an alternative to the DC metro area for professionals looking for an alternative to the busy, expensive DC/Maryland/Virginia area and its booming economic opportunities. While PGH does not offer all of the same benefits as DC might, its lower cost of living and up and coming feel make it a good alternative with a lot to offer. For a software engineer who does a lot of LabVIEW and test engineering work, there are a lot of opportunities here which could make something like home ownership a reality for me. However, I have a fiance in Burma, and my plan is to pay off my debt to family and school and leap into a new chapter in my life, one a bit less lonely and isolated, but with just as much opportunity to grow and learn and move my career forward in a new country. I think Pittsburgh will be a great place to call home and get settled while I arrange myself to take on this new chapter in my life.

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