I hear music…

One night, back in Germantown, my last night there actually, I had left the bathroom fan on for some white noise. Well, the venting had some sort of echo to it that was very subtle. So, not being able to sleep, I even freaked out; earlier that day there was a bee or a wasp or so in my apartment. So, of course, I just started thrashing my pillow about wildly until I could manage to turn on the light next to me so I could “validate” the fact that there was, in fact, nothing there.

This might seem trivial to you, but imagine waking up next to a beehive.

My psychiatrist wants to put me on even more Geodon. Seems like as the dose goes higher, I have more hallucinations, not less.

I now have this amazing ability to sit down in any comfortable chair and fall asleep, just like my grandfather used to, except I’m only 35.

I’m writing this post because I’m procrastinating intentionally. A weird bug in some temperature acquisition code, might not be a bug, it could just be the way the cDAQ modules behave with no RTD connected.

OOOOH. That reminds me of something. “NI” has to gone to shit. My mentor has reported that he called NI for support and received terrible service. Eric Starklov, we know what you’re doing. Dr. T knew about your plans long before anyone else did. I saw it coming first from about the first NIWeek in Austin. Do they even do that anymore? Now is a good time to change my career before NI implodes. I wonder if they still hold the trademark rights to “National Instruments”. National Instruments NextGen, without the BS edition. You can call me Dr. L.

I’m not entirely sure what my first visual hallucination was, but perhaps I could hazard a guess. Even my therapist says I need a girlfriend. This is gonna be awful. I used to be independent living on my own in Texas and having fun. That has all changed. Corona virus doesn’t enter into this.

<several hours go by>

Still no solution to the RTD probe thingie, I might’ve had it, but I don’t have a full hardware setup here in my “office”. I’m not sure if the faux values I’m getting from the hardware are representative of what I expect. So, I’ll have to go into the lab and see if I can’t get things going using the full setup instead. That will be much easier, and hopefully it will cut out the middle man.

One last rant before I go to bed.

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